Creativo Hub is a group of very talented artists formed by Mrs Surbhi Bhansaly. She is intensely involved with design as an art form. Surbhi has a deep understanding of her customers and it reflects in her collections that are intelligent, studied , imaginative, completely inovative.

Surbhi is recognized for meticulous attention to details and prefers to use enviornment friendly materials like handmade paper, recycled old wood, jute, ceramic, handcrafted brass accessories in her creations.

The designer from being an artist to a successful entrepreneur in a very shot span of time speaks volume of the amount hard work put in by her. Her products under Cewativo Hub products under Creativo Hub brand are well stablished in home improvement and gift segment. Creativo Hub resonates with Surbhi's spirit and zeal.

Surbhi makes it a point to use her knowledge and experience in fulfilling her social resposibilty as well. She has thought and trained more than 2000 students across all age group and takes and helped them build livelihood. She also takes workshop in school to promote the art form.